Austin Product Photographer: Frames

I’m excited to share the new product photography I photographed for Texas Vision Clinic in Bastrop. My client wanted to show their patients and friends wearing their frames in addition to styled product photography of their frames as well. We also created animated gifs to be even more eye catching (see what I did there?) on Instagram. The lovely hair/makeup artists Kate and Laura from Trove Artist Management made everyone photo ready for their portraits. I loved this project! Here’s a preview of some of the images.

Athlete Meals for Alcalde

Have you ever wondered what athletes eat? I photographed a typical meal for 7 different athletes at the University of Texas for Alcalde Magazine. The athletes played for the following sports: girls soccer, volleyball, football, softball, women’s swimming, baseball, and men’s basketball. Which meal do you think packed the right amount of calories and nutrition for each player? (answers below)

1. Men’s basketball 2. Girls Soccer 3. Baseball 4. Women’s Swimming 5. Volleyball 6. Softball 7. Football

All images Copyright Kimberly Davis
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